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What is an Active File Collection?

Active File Collection refers to the collection of files that are active (not deleted) and pertain to a legal matter or legal hold. In most civil litigation cases, extensive forensic investigations that look at deleted files are unnecessary or too expensive. Thus,...

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ESI (Electronically Stored Information) Software Challenges

A couple weeks ago, I outlined what computer forensics and electronic discovery have in common and how they differ. I’d like to expand on this topic by identifying some common obstacles encountered when using popular computer forensic software for typical electronic...

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Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Collection Software

Each day, corporate IT managers, computer forensic examiners, and litigation support professionals are tasked with performing ESI collections for relevant files which reside in file shares, on client systems, and other popular data sources. The content may include...

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LegalTech New York 2009

We will be attending LegalTech New York and I wanted to invite you to come by and visit our booth. We will be in booth #429 on the 1st floor of the exhibit hall. There are several updates to our software applications that we will be demonstrating, and if you attend, I...

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What is a Forensic Image?

‘Imaging a hard drive’ is a phrase that is commonly used for preserving the contents of a custodian hard drive or server. It can also be used to describe when a custodian hard drive is cloned. It is worth taking some time to understand the differences and the...

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Recovering Deleted Email

It’s important to understand that deleted email is not recovered or indexed using common litigation support or electronic discovery software. These applications only process email that is still visible within the email software. Some email recovery software can also...

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Recovering Files From Unallocated Space

Recovering data from a hard drive is one of the most common tasks during a computer investigation. Here are a few of the artifacts which computer investigators may retrieve from unallocated (free) space to assist in a case: * MS Office documents * Acrobat files (.pdf)...

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Preserving Suspect Media (Write Blockers)

When examining or processing the files on a hard drive, it is extremely important to retain the original file contents and time stamps. Many people don’t realize that just connecting a hard drive to a PC will alter the contents of the hard drive.  In order to preserve...

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Searching for Buried Treasure

Searching and identifying relevant content is a common process for both electronic discovery and computer forensic investigations. But some people don’t realize the challenges associated with indexing hundreds, or even thousands, of different file types and data...

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