Evidox Dramatically Reduces 6- Terabyte Data Set to .16% or 96 Gigabytes By Using Pinpoint Labs' Harvester

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“We go through an extensive vetting process with any software tool that we use on our clients’ data. Pinpoint Labs Harvester not only passed our internal tests with flying colors, but our technicians have come to rely on it heavily in the field.” -Lynn Turgeon, CEO and Co-Founder of Evidox

Read this case study to learn how:

Evidox searched through more than 6 terabytes of email data using 64 Boolean, Proximity, and Search Phrases

+ Concisely narrowed down email search to .016% or the equivalent of 96 gigabytes of data

+ Received considerable savings to Evidox client’s production and hosting costs

Click on the PDF icon below to preview the full case study. 

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