Harvester Filters 1700 Gigabyte Data Set and Saves Nilan Johnson $116,500 in Processing Costs


“Normally I wouldn’t take a piece of software off of the shelf and give it a whirl, but I’ve been a valued client of Pinpoint for 7-8 years. As a result, I can easily trust the Software Engineers to provide detailed instruction and superb advice.” – Frank Nelson, eDiscovery Manager of Nilan Johnson Lewis PA


Read this case study to learn how Nilan Johnson:

+ Avoided purchasing a competitive processing bid of $125,000 for a 1700 gigabyte data set

+ Utilized a robust tool to cull the enormous data set to 92 gigabytes of relevant data

Saved $116,500 in processing costs therefore dramatically reducing client’s fees

Click on the PDF icon below to preview the full case study. 

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