With 50+ Discovery and Information Security Cases, Ridgeback Venture Group Adds Harvester to Essential Tool Arsenal

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“On this particular project, many people were involved, which created communication barriers. As the case progressed, the discovery goals periodically changed. As a result, I had to start and stop jobs, test multiple keyword searches, dedupe across multiple data sets and pull lots of new relevant documents. However, Harvester was there with me every step of the way, making the challenging situation more manageable.” – Eric Fleckles, Principal Advisor for Ridgeback Venture Group, LLC 


Read this case study to learn how:

+ Eric Fleckles became inspired to take on the Principal Advisor role at his own company: Ridgeback Venture Group, LLC

Assisted several law firms with more than 50 cases over the past several years

+ Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester made a challenging 3-month project successful and manageable

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