Learn the fundamentals of using Harvester Portable


Throughout the seven-day Harvester Certification Specialist (HCS) course, students will learn how to navigate Harvester Portable and it’s key features. Skills learned in HCS will be directly applicable to future Harvester Certification Courses, Harvester Server use, and real-world e-Discovery data collection scenarios. 

Course Description

  • Pre-requisites: None
  • HCA Certification is a prerequisite for HCA and HCSA Certifications
  • Students will learn the following skills:
  • How to Activate/Deactivate Harvester Licenses
  • Create, edit, and run job profiles
  • Review available settings that allow project customization
  • Learn about enumeration and processing stages
  • Obtain valuable project information without copying files using Data Assessment Mode

Required Materials and Duration

  • Accelerated 7-day course
  • Sign up at any time and begin the course on the following Monday
  • Study online and work from home using a personal computer
  • The $250 course fee includes all resources such as: 
  • Support during business hours (8AM-5PM CST), Access to Online Curriculum, Harvester Temporary License

HCS Benefits

  • Easily access instructor to discuss topics in detail
  • Learn the fundamentals of Harvester because it will be beneficial to understand complex features discussed in future courses
  • Skills and Procedures will be directly applicable to: 
  • Performing Harvester Server job profile functions
  • Running projects on remote systems

Anyone responsible for running Harvester will greatly benefit from completing this certification. Contact the Training Group to learn more about about the Harvester Certified Specialist (HCS) program. Training Group can be reached directly via phone: (402) 298- 7284 or via email: training@pinpointlabs.com. 

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