Learn How to Install, Configure, and Administer Harvester Server Projects


Throughout the seven-day Harvester Server Certified Administrator (HSCA) program, students will apply previous knowledge gained in the HCS and HCA Certification Programs to further develop skills as it applies to network data collection scenarios. Experience gained in the HSCA program will be directly applicable to real-world e-Discovery challenges often faced by Information Technology Professionals in the industry.

Course Description

  • Pre-requisites: HCS and HCA Certifications
  • Students will learn the following skills:
  • Activate Harvester Server
  • Create and edit job profiles
  • Create projects and choose optimal global settings
  • Identify the best remote job profile launch options for a particular scenario
  • Understand Harvester job stages
  • Create progress reports
  • Resume jobs, reprocess errors, and analyze error reports

Required Materials and Duration

  • Accelerated 7-day course
  • Sign up at any time and begin the course on the following Monday
  • Study online and work from server network
  • The $250 course fee includes resources such as: 
  • Support during business hours (8AM-5PM CST) and access to online curriculum
  • Please note: Unlike previous courses, the individual taking the course must have a Harvester Server License within the company they are working for or purchase one separately. Pinpoint Labs will not offer Temporary Licenses for this course.

HSCA Benefits

  • Easily access instructor to discuss topics in detail
  • Skills and Procedures will be directly applicable to real-world scenarios: 
  • Batch-Ping computers from a central location to identify available custodians
  • Know the most efficient ways to manage and monitor Harvester jobs across a network
  • Independently troubleshoot and resolve common issues associated with network installations

Anyone responsible for running Harvester Server will greatly benefit from completing this certification. Contact the Training Group to learn more about about the Harvester Server Certified Specialist (HSCA) program. Training Group can be reached directly via phone: (402) 298- 7284 or via email: training@pinpointlabs.com. 

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