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Harvester Specifications Harvester Portable Harvester Server Harvester Hybrid
Search and Collect Files, Folders, and Email
Process OST's and PST's with 32- bit Outlook, 64- bit Outlook, or no Outlook at all
Search and collect from Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook.com and more.
Search and collect attachments, loose files, folders, and archives
Multi- threaded mail processing engine allows email sources and files to be processed simultaneously
Identify non- searchable and encrypted files
Keyword hit reports by file and category
Harvester ESI "easy" Vault (Custodial Drag and Drop Window)
Interactive EDA and real time statistics
Preserve Metadata, Create Summary Lists, and Automatically Resume Incomplete Jobs
Preserve metadata including time stamps, chain of custody, and MD5 hash verification
DeNIST and Dedupe at point of collection
Create file summary and file lists from filtered files and messages
Remote Disconnection with automatic resume
Set Expired Licenses and Create Self-Collection Kits
Set expired licenses for Harvester Portable using Portable License Manager (PLM)
Create Self- Collection Kits
Batch-Ping Computers, Remotely Launch and Monitor Job Progress from Central Location
Batch-ping computers to identify which systems are currently unavailable
Remotely launch stealth job
Monitor job progress from a central location
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