Seamless e-Discovery Processing for Harvester and SafeCopy


The most defensible and efficient way to process electronic data with its “POINT AND PROCESS” Technology


Pinpoint Labs Surveyor clients can have their local and cloud-based e-discovery collected data ready to review quickly and with minimal training. Our clients needed to have a load file created for data collected by Harvester or SafeCopy, but did not want to go through a third party application to do it. This is why we created Surveyor.
Pinpoint Labs engineered Surveyor to provide a seamless transition between e-discovery collections and reviewable datasets. Surveyor can be launched automatically by Harvester when it completes a job, it can import Harvester job history, or it can be manually launched for maximum control.
Favorited features include:
  • Quickly extract metadata and full-text
  • Build a DAT load file for 3rd party review applications
  • Extract message and attachment content from OSTs, and PSTs
  • Review extracted file content
  • Export collected data to XLS or CSV files
  • Automatic post processing for Harvester collections
  • Retain parent child relations ships for email attachments and archives
  • OCR image only documents
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Surveyor also addresses defensible processing, which is often overlooked in other applications. Surveyor tracks the source hash values for all data, creates a chain of custody for any newly created information, and supports long file paths.
If you are looking for a powerful culling tool that works with local and cloud sources that can provide full extraction functionality, look no further than the Harvester Surveyor bundle.
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