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Leading e-Discovery Software Tool Searches 30+ Terabytes in an Hour

(Plattsmouth, Nebraska) June 11, 2018

Pinpoint Labs, a top provider of e-Discovery software which assists in data collection and culling for legal investigations, have announced their latest breakthrough, Harvester 5.5. With this update, Pinpoint Labs Harvester software is capable of searching over thirty Terabytes of data per hour. This new technology gives the end-user the ability to dramatically reduce the time it takes to search and inventory their electronic data.  To be able to search, cull, and inventory their data at this type of speed significantly decreases investigation times when compared to other defensible e-Discovery options.

Comparable e-Discovery collection applications could take days or weeks to scan and sort over thirty Terabytes of data. Pinpoint has brought that timeframe down to an hour. This milestone brings the possibilities of much-quicker resolutions in cases where time and reliability are essential.

Pinpoint Labs Harvester software is a full-scale resource capable of searching, filtering, and copying files, folders, and documents from computers, and cloud environments using a multi-threaded processing engine.

“Our clients will dramatically reduce project turnaround times from days to hours and hours to minutes with the new Harvester 5.5 release. We knew we were on to something when one of our clients forwarded us their job statistics which showed a network file search that averaged 38.7 terabytes per hour using Harvester. Client after client reported similar speeds and when you have to update your progress bar so it calculates Terabytes an hour…that’s very exciting! The new Harvester 5.5 release is going to be a game changer for our existing and future clients.,” added Jon Rowe, Founder of Pinpoint Labs.

Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester software is available in portable, server, and hybrid versions.

This new feature is available now. For more information, please visit Pinpoint Labs’ website at

About Pinpoint Labs

Pinpoint Labs, a Murray, Nebraska-based company, simplifies e-Discovery collection and review by continuing to expand software functionality through several phases of research and development. The company was founded by Jon Rowe and James Beasley, who are Computer Forensic Examiners. Their experience includes over thirty years of litigation support and more than two decades in software development.

The Pinpoint Labs team is working remotely due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) conditions.
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