Learn About Pinpoint Labs Harvester Certification Courses

Explore Harvester Portable and Server from beginning to end using hands-on experience that is applicable to real-world scenarios. The courses are a great way to gather a full understanding of the programs and have been known to be useful to inexperienced and experienced Harvester Software users. 


Harvester Certified Specialist (HCS)

  • Prerequisites: None, prerequisite for all other courses
  • Students will learn how Harvester Portable operates during two distinct phases: enumeration and processing
  • Hands-on experience that is applicable to real-world scenarios
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Harvester Certified Administrator (HCA)

  • Prerequisites: HCS Certification, prerequisite for HSCA
  • Students will learn how to create batch files, detailed logging options, and Harvester’s ESI “Easy” Vault
  • Hands-on experience that maximizes on software’s flexibility and intuitive interface
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Harvester Server Certified Administrator (HSCA)

  • Prerequisites: HCS, HCA Certifications
  • Students will fully understand how to install, configure, and administer Harvester Server Projects
  • Hands-on experience that will teach students the most efficient way to manage and monitor global settings and progress reports
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