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Pinpoint Labs strives to simplify e-Discovery collection and review by continuing to expand software functionality through several phases of research and development. Legal, corporate IT, and computer forensic professionals will have the ability to capture relevant data quickly and efficiently through reduced data-collection processes.

Important Events

All About Our History


Pivotal Guidance Inc. Was Founded

Pivotal Guidance Inc., founded by Computer Forensic Expert Jon Rowe and Software Designer James Beasley on May 31, 2006, in Murray, Nebraska, was built to provide excellent computer forensic collection and investigative services. This was accomplished by creating defensible software applications capable of resuming after network outages, creating a chain of custody, retaining Metadata, and providing targeted culling practices.


A Division of Pivotal Guidance, Inc. was Established: Pinpoint Labs

Pivotal Guidance, Inc. created subdivision, Pinpoint Labs, in an effort to provide free computer forensic software utilities and expand on e-Discovery collection capabilities. Within the same year, SafeCopy 1 was released to provide users with a high-speed defensible backup program.


Harvester 1 Became Available

Harvester 1, an eDiscovery data collection tool, became available in 2009 with capabilities that surpassed SafeCopy 1. Introductory features included targeted culling, deduplication, deNISTing, and other useful culling features existing in Harvester today.


Harvester Server Launched

Harvester Server was released allowing users to remotely launch Harvester jobs across a network and monitor custodians from a central location.


SharePoint Collector 1 Released

SharePoint Collector 1, the only software tool of its kind was released. It allowed users to collect documents and list items from SharePoint sites without installation on the custodian’s computer and with the ability to collect remotely.


Multi-threaded SafeCopy and Viper Engine Released

SafeCopy 3 with multi-threaded Viper copy engine released, dramatically reducing copy times by enumerating and collecting data simultaneously. Job completions times are often reduced by 50% or less.


Harvester 3 Release Includes Microsoft Exchange and Viper Engine

Harvester 3 with multi-threaded Viper copy engine and Microsoft Exchange support is released. Users are able to search and collect from corporate Microsoft Exchange accounts and save to PST files.


Harvester 4 Server Release Includes Enterprise Wide ESI Collection Management

Harvester 4 release includes redesigned interface, keyword hit preview, EDA reports, ESI Vault and Legal Hold integration. Harvester Server 4 redesign allows the Harvester platform to provides many enterprise-level features and greatly simplifies corporate e-Discovery collections.


SharePoint Collector Includes Office 365 Support

SharePoint Collector adds Office 365 support and becomes the first defensible e-Discovery collection application that can successfully login to Office 365 accounts and collect SharePoint sites, documents, and 21 other content sources. Harvester 4.1 release adds Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) support.


Pivotal Guidance Inc. (parent company of Pinpoint Labs) Celebrated 10-Year Anniversary with Harvester 5.0 Release

Pivotal Guidance, Inc. celebrated 10- Years of success with anniversary on May 31, 2016. In addition, Harvester 5.0 was released on July 5, 2016, signifying a milestone for Pinpoint Labs. It is the first software program with capabilities of collecting information from the regular and cloud environments using a multi-threaded processing engine to increase copy speed.


New e-Discovery Processing Engine Surveyor Launched

Surveyor 1 released, allowing users to perform e-Discovery processing on Harvester and SafeCopy collected data. Processes include metadata and full-text extraction, email processing, OCR, and builds DAT load file.


Cloudfile and Veracrypt Support Added in Harvester 5.1 Release

Harvester 5.1 release includes support for Google Docs, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This new version allows users to keyword search and apply many other common filters to several popular online document repositories. Additionally, seamless Veracrypt support allows users to collect data into encrypted containers.


Harvester 5.5 Fast Enumeration Option Provides 500%+ Speed improvement

New enumeration improvements dramatically reduce the amount of time required to inventory files on local and network drives. These improvements result in the ability to produce a quick snapshot for large datasets and allows Harvester to begin copying files much sooner.

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