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eDiscovery Cloud Collections – Explore, and collect from Google Drive, OneDrive, box, Dropbox, and Amazon S3

eDiscovery cloud collections are easily and defensibly completed with Pinpoint Cloud. Visually navigating popular cloud sources help users accurately identify relevant custodian content.

On-Premise Collections that Run from a USB Drive or Your Network

Do you need to collect eDiscovery from Google Team Drives? No problem! Once logged in, a list of available drives is listed and users select only the drives that need to be viewed.

Collecting from all popular cloud drive providers using a single application greatly simplifies eDiscovery cloud collection project requirements. From the team that has brought users defensible collections for more than a decade, Pinpoint Labs continues to expand its products to reach relevant eDiscovery sources.

Pinpoint Cloud Collections

Pinpoint Cloud Features

eDiscovery cloud collections

Preserves metadata and timestamps

Creates Chain of Custody

No software installation needed

Easily pause and resume jobs

Visually explore and select relevant items

eDiscovery cloud collections

Create file and folder lists for selected items

eDiscovery cloud collections

Collect all document versions

eDiscovery cloud collections

Runs from a USB drive or network

View full product features list
Visually browse eDiscovery cloud sources
Runs without local installation
Supports long paths
Extensive Chain of Custody report
Ability to transfer licenses to a new device or location
eDiscovery cloud collections from Google Drive, Google Team Drives, box, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Amazon A3
Run from an external drive or host computer
Run from a shared network location

If you are looking for a no-fuss, easy to use software to handle eDiscovery cloud collections for documents from your clients’ or custodian cloud accounts, look no further than Pinpoint Cloud. Sign up for a free demo or ask for an evaluation license to try out Pinpoint Cloud for yourself.

Features Include:

  • Easily browse and collect eDiscovery from Google Team Drives, OneDrive and more.
  • Creates a chain of custody for defensibility and verification
  • Run from a USB drive, host computer, or Network

If you are looking for powerful eDiscovery processing tools that works with local and cloud sources and provide full extraction functionality, look no further than the Harvester Surveyor bundle.

Surveyor also addresses defensible processing, which is often overlooked in other applications. Surveyor tracks the source hash values for all data, creates a chain of custody for any newly created information, and supports long file paths.


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