Computer Forensic and Security Specialists Rely on Pinpoint Labs Solutions

Corporate Information Technology (IT) Professionals within many Fortune 500 Companies trust Pinpoint Labs to provide cost-effective solutions with the ability to collect several terabytes of relevant data in a defensible manner.

Automated job tickets, the ability to perform keyword search and conduct targeted collections in diverse environments, and software engineers with several years of experience have clients covered.

A favorite feature is Remote (stealth) job launch due to: 

  • Ability to collect from a custodian system

  • Monitor interruptions from network shutdowns

  • Easily review exception logs and warnings

  • ⇒ View Available Software Solutions

“Because of the size and nature of the company, any software tool can be afforded. However, a great emphasis on scalable responsibility, user-friendliness and time effciency make the software from Pinpoint Labs worth it.” Steve, Contract Employee with Fortune 100 Manufacturing Firm View Fortune 100 Manufacturer Case Study

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