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Pinpoint Labs provides a complete collection of defensible eDiscovery software solutions including SafeCopy, Harvester, and SharePoint Collector. Software Designers, Programmers, and Engineers work diligently to develop robust tools that Information Technology Professionals rely on.

Collect discoverable documents and mail stores with Pinpoint Labs’ SafeCopy available in portable and server (network) versions. Information Technology Professionals seeking a low-cost, defensible e-Discovery copy-solution purchase a license from Pinpoint Labs. SafeCopy automatically resumes after network outages, provides 100% file copy verification using MD5 hash value comparison, and reprocesses errors once the job is complete.
Search and collect discoverable documents an email with Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester available in portable, server, and hybrid versions. Clients seek out Harvester because it is a robust collect-all tool capable of searching, filtering, and copying files, folders, documents from regular and cloud environments using a multi-threaded processing engine. Some features include the ESI “easy vault” (a custodial drag-and-drop window), 64-bit compatibility, and email processing.

Search and collect discoverable SharePoint documents and lists using Pinpoint Labs’ SharePoint Collector. Personnel seeking a tool that preserves metadata, retrieves contents from all sites including intranet portals, extranet sites, and cloud locations, and creates a DAT file for easy import into common e-Discovery review platforms, purchase a license for SharePoint Collector.

Pinpoint Labs Surveyor clients can have their local and cloud-based e-discovery collected data ready to review quickly and with minimal training. Our clients needed to have a load file created for data collected by Harvester or SafeCopy, but did not want to go through a third party application to do it. This is why we created Surveyor.

Compare Product Features

Pinpoint Labs' Product Comparision SafeCopy Harvester SharePoint Collector Surveyor
Defensibly collect files from local hard drives and network file shares.
Filter files by file type extension and date range criteria.
Search, cull, and defensibly collect files from local and network file shares.
Keyword filter loose files, archives, and emails. Create self-collection kits, regenerate PST's, and reduplicate at point of collection.
Defensibly collect documents and list items from SharePoint and Office 365 sites.
Export metadata and preserve file timestamps from SharePoint and Office 365 documents.
OCR image files
Extract metadata & document text
Create load file for 3rd party review applications

Learn About Key Personnel Who Use Pinpoint Labs’ Software Solutions

Information Technology Professionals choose Pinpoint Labs for excellent client support and software solutions that save resources, improve time efficiency, and can be used for diverse purposes including remote (stealth) job launch, targeted and keyword searching, and file validation. 

Key players include personnel with Legal Department, Corporate IT, and Computer Forensic backgrounds.

Educate Yourself On Everything Harvester By Taking The Certification Courses

Pinpoint Labs offers three certification courses that explore Harvester Portable and Server in depth. The certifications are Harvester Certified Specialist (HCS), Harvester Certified Administrator (HCA), and Harvester Server Certified Administrator (HSCA). And all courses must be taken in the order listed.  All courses start on a Monday of the client’s choice. In addition, Pinpoint Labs provides a portion of the materials required for each course.

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