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Secure Data Collection Made Simple, Wherever You Need

Experience unmatched ease and security in data collection. Our state-of-the-art tools are designed with you in mind, ensuring you effortlessly stay at the forefront of digital discovery.

Search, Collect and Produce Local, Network, and Cloud Files

Pinpoint customers frequently create portable self-collection kits, deploy stealth agents across their networks, and quickly cull data for Relativity and other leading eDiscovery review platforms. Our 15 years of experience building secure, scalable applications for local clients, networks, and popular cloud sources means you’re in good hands.

Our industry eDiscovery Solutions

CrossCopy sets itself apart from the competition with its powerful features and seamless functionality

Legal Departments

Law firms and Corporate legal departments and governmental litigation environments use Pinpoint Labs for all their eDiscovery needs.

Corporate IT & Fortune 500

Corporate information technology (IT) professionals and Fortune 500 companies trust Pinpoint Labs to provide robust eDiscovery software tools and quality assistance.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics and ligation-support professionals rely on Pinpoint Labs to provide them with tools capable of copying small and large datasets in a defensible manner.

Astounding eDiscovery Products & Features

Pinpoint Labs has developed four eDiscovery software solutions that defensibly search and collect documents, files, and other relevant criteria.

  • Cull PST’s, OST’s, Cloud based Email
  • Keyword Search
  • Remote, Automated, and Network Collections
  • Collect and Cull Cloud based Repositories
  • More Details
  • Native macOS, Windows, and Linux collections
  • Local systems and nework file shares
  • Provides 100% file copy verification
  • Resume cancelled and interrupted jobs

More Details

  • Preserves metadata and timestamps
  • Creates Chain of Custody
  • No software installation needed
  • Easily pause and resume jobs
  • Visually explore and select relevant items
  • Create file and folder lists for selected items
  • Collect all document versions

    More Details

    • No install needed, runs from USB drive
    • Handles document versioning
    • Extracts and maintains all metadata
    • Collects list items (calendar, contacts, etc.)

    More Details

  • Defensibly collect eDiscovery files from local hard drives and network file shares.
  • Filter files by file-type extension and date range.
  • Search, cull, and defensibly collect eDiscovery files from local and network file shares.
  • Keyword filter loose files, archives, and emails. Create self-collection kits, regenerate PST’s, and reduplicate at the point of collection.
  • Defensibly collect eDiscovery documents and list items from SharePoint and Office 365 sites.
  • Export metadata and preserve file timestamps from SharePoint and Office 365 documents.
  • eDiscovery collections from Google Drive, OneDrive, box, Dropbox, and Amazon A3.
  • Extract metadata, document text and OCR.
  • Create production sets for third-party eDiscovery review applications.


Thousands of Happy Clients

Harvester software has been a big part of our successful collection strategy and has helped us save our clients millions of dollars by avoiding unnecessary processing, hosting and review of non-relevant data.”
Chris Haley
Legal Technology Services, Troutman Sanders eMerge
Because of the size and nature of the company, any software tool can be afforded. However, a great emphasis on scalable responsibility, user-friendliness and time efficiency make the software from Pinpoint Labs worth it.”
Contract Employee, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Firm
When I lost network connection, the tool automatically resumed from where it left off and seamlessly collected the large data set remotely, which is almost unheard of in the industry.

Matt Bertsch
Manager of Digital Forensic Laboratories, Novitas Data


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Vision at PointLab

At Pinpoint Labs, our core values are grounded in grassroots innovation, technological advancement, and unwavering

Mission at PointLab

At Pinpoint Labs, our core values are grounded in grassroots innovation, technological advancement, and unwavering

Vision at PointLab

At Pinpoint Labs, our core values are grounded in grassroots innovation, technological advancement, and unwavering

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