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Innovative Discovery Products & Services

Collect Discoverable Documents and Mail Stores
Search and Collect Discoverable Documents and Email
Search and Collect Discoverable SharePoint Documents and Lists

Log-in, identify, click and collect from Cloud-based repositories

Defensibly collects files from local hard drives and network file shares.
Filter files by file type extension and date range criteria.
Can run on an external drive and used with Self-Collection kits
Mac collections
Search, cull, and defensibly collect files from local and network file shares.
Collect from Google Drive, OneDrive, box, and Dropbox
Defensibly collects documents and list items from SharePoint and Office 365 sites.
Export metadata and preserve file timestamps from SharePoint and Office 365 documents.<
E-Discovery Processing.
OCR image files.
Extract metadata & document text.
Create load file for 3rd party review applications.

Our Industry


Pinpoint Labs‘ innovative discovery solutions. Collect discoverable documents and mail stores. Search and collect discoverable documents and email Search and Collect Discoverable SharePoint Documents and Lists. Seamless e-Discovery processing for Harvester and SafeCopy.

Legal Departments

Law Firms and Legal Departments within Corporate and Governmental Litigation Environments Use Pinpoint Labs e-Discovery solutions for diverse purposes.

Corporate IT & Fortune 500

Corporate Information Technology (IT) Professionals and Fortune 500 Companies trust Pinpoint Labs to provide robust tools and quality assistance.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics and Ligation Support Professionals rely on Pinpoint Labs to provide them with tools capable of copying small and large data sets in a defensible manner.

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