Legal Imaging LLC Collects 1.4 Terabytes of SharePoint Data in $4.2 Billion Construction Dispute

This case study examines how Legal Imaging LLC was able to collect a massive amount of data in a strict environment within a deadline.


JusticeCanadaWebLogoJustice Canada Relies on Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester for 20 Custodian Country- Wide Collection

This case study examines how The National Litigation Support Group culls data, advises on defensible data collections, and more. 


St Lukes LogoHarvester: An Essential e-Discovery Tool for Idaho’s Largest Healthcare System 

This case study examines how St. Luke’s Healthcare System- the only Idaho-based, not-for-profit health system, often relies on Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester Portable to defensibly collect relevant information for it’s clients. 


Phillips Computer ForensicsClient of Pinpoint Labs’ SafeCopy Proves Image- File was 100% Valid to Uncertain Attorney  

This case study examines how Lynell Phillips, owner of Phillips Computer Forensics, provides top-notch e-Discovery and […]


MidwestLegal300x300Midwest Legal Saves Fortune 500 Company More Than $500,000 in eDiscovery Expenses   

This case study examines how Midwest Legal and eData Services Inc. delivers outstanding eDiscovery forensic imaging […]


The Oliver Group LogoThe Oliver Group Uses SharePoint Collector To Identify 3,882 Relevant Records

This case study examines how Oliver Group has become one of the world’s most publicized corporate legal action firms […]


USLegal300x300100 Terabyte Data Set Reduced to 500 Gigabytes for client of U.S. Legal Support

This case study examines how U.S. Legal Support provides extensive eDiscovery services including human capital, excellent […]


eMergeTroutman Sanders eMerge Relies on Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester to Run 1000+ Data Collections  

This case study examines Troutman Sanders eMerge, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the international law firm- Troutman […]

Triage Data Relies on Harvester for Network- Based Targeted Data Collection

This case study examines how Triage Data has become a leading-edge document and litigation support company that […]


Dorsey300x300International Law Firm Seeks Small Company for Durable eDiscovery Data Copy Tool 

This case study examines how Dorsey and Whitney LLP, provides superb litigation and eDiscovery services to diverse industries.[…]


EvidoxWebLogoEvidox Dramatically Reduces 6- Terabyte Data Set to 96 Gigabytes By Using Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester  

This case study examines how Evidox, a leading provider of e-Discovery services, serves clients with a unique legal-centric approach […]



A Fortune 100 Manufacturer Saves More Than $100,000 Filtering Emails With Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester  

This case study examines how a Peoria, Ill.- based Fortune 100 manufacturer of construction and mining equipment […]


EideBaillyLogoEide Bailly Tackles Highly Classified Data Collection in Oklahoma- Based Research Facility  

This case study examines how Eide Baily LLP, a top 25 CPA firm, serves 59,000 clients internationally through 29 offices in 13 […]


StroockWebLogoStroock Provides E-Discovery and Information Governance Support  

This case study examines how Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, a top-ranked, 140-year-old, commercial transaction and […]

NilanJohnsonLogoHarvester Filters 1700 Gigabyte Data Set and Saves Nilan Johnson $116,500 in Processing Costs  

This case study examines how Nilan Johnson Lewis PA has built a credible reputation and confidently handles issues that often […]


RVG LogoWith 50+ e-Discovery and Information Security Cases, Ridgeback Venture Group Adds Harvester to Tool Arsenal 

This case study examines how Ridgeback Venture Group, LLC. has become a reputable e-Discovery and Information Security […]


NovitasData300x300Despite Network Glitches in Remote Data Collection, Harvester Held Up for Oregon-Based Litigation Firm  

This case study examines how Novitas Data, established in 1997 in Portland, Oregon, has evolved into a thought […]


Faced with Increasing SharePoint Data Collection Requests, Innovative Discovery Adjusts Rapidly to Meet Demand

This case study examines a complex situation faced by Innovative Discovery, how it was resolved, and a specific scenario describing a 600 Gigabyte SharePoint Data collection.


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