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The latest update to Pinpoint Labes flagship eDiscovery collection software demonstrates its ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive eDiscovery and digital forensic software solutions.

Plattsmouth, NE—March 14, 2023—Pinpoint Labs, a leading provider of eDiscovery and digital forensic software solutions, announces the launch of Harvester v8, the latest product update to its flagship eDiscovery collection software. For over 14 years, Harvester has become a trusted solution for more than 40 Federal Agencies, Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, leading litigation and computer forensic service providers, and law firms.

The latest version of Harvester brings several improvements to Harvester Portable, Harvester Server, and Harvester Server Enterprise.

  • More extensive keyword hit reporting
  • New and faster native file viewer for Harvester Server Processing
  • Improved OAuth and Active Directory integrations
  • Additional data assessment reporting options
  • Improved MSI builder
  • Optional Pinpoint Uploader allows secure encrypted archives and uploads to Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and SFTP

Harvester is known for its granular search and filtering options. It is the go-to collection application for creating custodian self-collection kits, custodial interviews, Enterprise stealth collections, and collecting from remote workers.

“Harvester has always been a reliable solution for the eDiscovery needs of our clients, and we’re excited to launch the latest version,” said Jon Rowe, CEO of Pinpoint Labs. “We listened to our customers’ feedback and incorporated their suggestions to enhance Harvester’s functionality. The new features and improvements make Harvester the most comprehensive collection application available.”

The update includes a new and faster native file viewer for Harvester Server Processing, improved OAuth and Active Directory integrations, and additional data assessment reporting options. Pinpoint also improved the MSI builder to make it easier for users to deploy Harvester on their systems.

A significant addition to the new update, Pinpoint Labs introduces Pinpoint Uploader, an innovative solution for remote eDiscovery collections that works seamlessly with all Harvester products.

Pinpoint Uploader Features

  • Compress and encrypt Harvester-identified files
  • Upload options include Amazon AWS Buckets, Microsoft Azure BLOB, and SFTP
  • Multi-threaded archiver and Uploader
  • Unpack and re-verify files
  • Generate a Chain of Custody

Pinpoint Uploader securely uploads electronic data to cloud targets such as Amazon AWS Buckets, Microsoft Azure BLOB, and SFTP servers. With Pinpoint Uploader, users can easily upload custodian data to the cloud, bypassing the issues of slow VPNs, no network connections, lack of thorough data verification, and long path support common with most remote uploading platforms.

Pinpoint Uploader is a game-changer in the eDiscovery industry,” said Jon Rowe. “It solves the challenges faced by many remote uploading platforms, and we’re thrilled to offer this innovative solution to our customers.”

The launch of Harvester v8 and Pinpoint Uploader reaffirms Pinpoint Labs’ commitment to providing the legal industry’s best eDiscovery and digital forensic software solutions.

About Pinpoint Labs

Pinpoint Labs, the global enterprise software company, provides an industry-leading collection, processing, and review technology platform. Pinpoint offers on-premises and cloud-based solutions that get forensic and eDiscovery professionals on the fastest and most efficient path to discovery. Pinpoint lets developers focus on what they do best: build software that helps legal teams while giving peace of mind to management with robust controls, tools, and reports.

Pinpoint was founded over 16 years ago by computer forensic examiners Jon Rowe and James Beasley. Their experience includes over 30 years of litigation support and over two decades in software development.