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Pinpoint Labs is proud to have the opportunity to again participate in the University of Florida Levin College of LAW EDRM conference. The University of Florida EDRM E-Discovery Conference this year provides pathway for attorneys, paralegals and support professionals to move beyond simple keyword searching to basic data analytics. Come join us to see how simple tools such as near duplicates analysis, automatic document grouping, document clustering, and the magical process of finding “more like this.”

The Conference features a special kick off in the morning with Craig Ball speaking on the 9 e-discovery skills every litigator and trial attorney must have and a luncheon address by the Hon. Ralph Artigliere on emerging e-discovery ethics.

This year they also added a judges panel featuring Florida State Court Judge Gill Freeman (Miami), US Magistrate Judges Gary Jones (N.D. Fla.), William Matthewman (S.D. Fla.) and Anthony Porcelli (M.D. Fla.) discussing the e-discovery competency courts should expect from attorneys.


The 4th Annual E-Discovery Conference completely free to attend in person or via live stream to all employees of federal and state government agencies, judges and judicial staff, students, and academics.

For all others, the day-long conference is available for nominal fees—$99 to attend in person or $49.00 for live stream. Members of the EDRM are eligible to receive a discounted rate. Contact us for additional information.

This conference is underwritten by the International Center for Automated Research (ICAIR) at the University of Florida Levin College of Law as part of its public mission and is offered at a startlingly low price.