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Major software release provides functionality for user and job management, cloud collections, and enhanced agents

With the surge of remote workers globally, organizations are faced with new and increased eDiscovery collection challenges. More robust agent software, stealth deployments, and scalable options are necessary in today’s business environment.

Plattsmouth, NE, November 3rd, 2021Pinpoint Labs, a leading forensic software and litigation support firm, announced today the release of the latest update to its eDiscovery collection software product line, Harvester.

The software solution, Harvester 6.5 Server Enterprise provides new user and role management controls allowing for customization of role levels and tracks both user and project statistics. Project level assignments ensure users only see the collection and eDiscovery projects they are assigned. As a result, new logging options provide extensive productivity reports simplifying project turnaround forecasting.

In addition to improved security and reporting, Harvester Server Enterprise incorporates robust cloud-based remote collections. Working closely with clients, the Pinpoint Labs team assists to complete remote collections worldwide and under very challenging conditions. This collaboration results in very robust eDiscovery software agents that resume jobs when disconnects, outages and software updates force interruptions.

Harvester Server Enterprise makes it easy to centrally manage and monitor Enterprise-level collection or processing jobs. Whether jobs are running directly from local or remote systems, the software provides real-time status updates. An option to create keyword indexes and export the results allows users to quickly build lists for relevant documents or preview their hits in real-time across many client systems.

With access to keyword search, filter, and tagging users can easily cull and identify relevant items across all collections. When production sets are ready to send out, Harvester Server creates load files for ingestion into leading review platforms or directly connects and exports to Relativity workspaces when needed.

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting eDiscovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed Harvester Server Enterprise to easily gather multiple files with minimal impact on client systems.  Upon project completion, all the critical data is meticulously organized and forensically sound.

As Jon Rowe, President of Pinpoint Labs and a highly experienced computer forensic examiner noted,

“Remote worker growth due to Enterprise globalization and Covid-19 require an eDiscovery collection tool with flexibility. Over the last year and a half, Pinpoint’s team has been addressing client challenges surrounding no or slow VPN connections speeds, drop-offs, and incorporating robust job continuance programming. I’m proud of what we’ve built into the latest Harvester release and how quickly we adapted to the recent environmental changes and the needs of our global clients.

For more information on how Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester Server Enterprise software tool can simplify eDiscovery collections, optimize efficiency and effectiveness, and decrease costs, visit the Pinpoint Labs website or request a meeting.

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs, the global enterprise software company, provides industry-leading collection, processing, and review technology platform. Pinpoint enables developers to focus on what they do best: Build software that helps legal teams, while providing peace of mind to management with powerful controls, tools, and reports. Pinpoint provides on-premises and cloud-based solutions that gets forensic and eDiscovery professionals on the fastest and most efficient path to discovery.

Pinpoint was founded over 15 years ago by computer forensic examiners Jon Rowe and James Beasley. Their experience includes over thirty years of litigation support and more than two decades in software development.

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