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Plattsmouth, NE, March 30, 2018 – Pinpoint Labs, a forensic software and litigation support firm, announces the release of the latest 4.0 update to SharePoint Collector.

SharePoint Collector continues to provide corporate IT managers, forensic computer examiners, and litigation-support professionals with e-Discovery collection software with advanced features and capabilities to create defensible collections from SharePoint sites, Office 365, and OneDrive files.

With the release of SharePoint Collector 4.0 users will be able set SharePoint collector to automatically proceed to the next step without user interaction. What was previously a four-step process to collect entire sites and create a DAT file, can now be accomplished in a single step by simply selecting which processes to perform automatically.

With a growing number of corporations and government agencies storing files in Office 365 and OneDrive, users will be able to expand the number of sources that can be defensibly collected because SharePoint Collector can use many different authentication options.

Sites can be collected in a fraction of the time using the SharePoint Collector 4.0 multi-threaded collection engine. Up to six collection threads can be activated — dramatically reducing how much time is required to locate and collect relevant content.

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting e-Discovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed SharePoint Collector 4.0 to easily gather large sites with minimal impact on client systems. When the client project is finished, all the critical data will be neatly organized and forensically sound — keeping the chain of custody intact.

As Jon Rowe, President of Pinpoint Labs and a highly experienced computer forensic examiner, noted,

“For more than seven years SharePoint Collector has provided our users a portable, affordable, and efficient way to defensibly collect discoverable Microsoft SharePoint Sites, Office 365, and One Drive content. We are excited about the new 4.0 release, which further simplifies the process and maintains support for the ever-changing cloud computing technologies.”

For more information on how our SharePoint Collector 4.0 tool can simplify your e-Discovery collections and save you time and money, please visit the Pinpoint Labs website at www.pinpointlabs.com.

About Pinpoint Labs

Pinpoint Labs was founded by Jon Rowe and James Beasley, who are computer forensic examiners. Their experience includes over 30 years of litigation support and more than two decades in software development.

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