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The CCE (Certified Computer Examiner) is a certification obtained through ‘The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners’ (ISFCE). I’ve noticed that many CCE training facilities are geared towards criminal investigations so they don’t necessarily address civil litigation processes and ESI (Electronically Stored Information) requirements. This is because the CCE was originally designed for law enforcement and criminal cases involve child pornography, narcotics, stolen property, counterfeiting, and homicide, just to name a few.

Many CCE’s do work with law firms and understand their needs, but it’s because they gained this from their own experience or have a litigation support background. The CCE is a well respected certification; however, don’t assume that all CCE’s understand civil litigation, ESI procedures, electronic discovery and load files.

Many litigation support professionals have attended training classes offered through the MD5 Group and Jason Park (President). Jason is a veteran litigation support professional and he does an excellent job covering how computer forensics relates to civil litigation. If you or someone on your staff is looking for a strong computer forensics certification and you want a balanced approach that covers civil and criminal investigations give Jason a call.