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(Murray, Nebraska) MAY 31, 2016

“Pinpoint Labs is grateful to its clients who have continued to provide support within the past decade,” says Jon Rowe, president and chief executive officer, Pinpoint Labs. “As we have encountered challenges during our collections, we have applied software development techniques to create portable technological tools that were easier to use and could quickly identify relevant eDiscovery data. Looking ahead, the future of Pinpoint Labs will continue to be an instrumental part of clients’ daily success as the industry continues to evolve.”

Over the past 10 years Pinpoint Labs has developed and provided relevant software solutions- SafeCopy (2006), Harvester (2009) and SharePoint Collector (2009)- to assist with collection and investigative tasks by distributing eDiscovery self-collection kits and remotely monitoring collection projects. Recently, these applications have expanded support into cloud-based document repositories and email systems such as SharePoint, Office 365 and other online eDiscovery solutions.

As Pinpoint Labs continues to pave way for the future, it has made a commitment to provide necessary innovative data collection and filtering products. And to serve valued international clientele with excellence regularly.