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(Murray, Nebraska) JULY 1, 2014

Pinpoint Labs announced the release of the latest update to its Harvester product family.

Harvester Server and Harvester Portable continue to provide corporate IT managers, forensic computer examiners and litigation support professionals with defensible E-Discovery collection software tools which include the following features and capabilities:

  • Keyword Search
  • Hit Viewer
  • Keyword Reports
  • PST regeneration
  • Customized colors
  • Pre-configure collection job profiles
  • Early Data Assessment (EDA) Reports
  • DeNIST/Dedupe
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Harvester ESI “easy” Vault (Custodial Drag and Drop window)
  • Self- collection kits

With the release of Harvester 4.0 Portable and Harvester 4.0 Server, users have a completely redesigned and upgraded user interface providing an even easier workflow when creating collection job profiles including quick access to collection statistics and customizable colors for running jobs.

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting E-Discovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed Harvester 4.0 Portable and Harvester 4.0 Server to easily gather multiple files with minimal impact on client systems. When the client project is finished, all the critical data is neatly organized and forensically sound – keeping the chain of custody intact!