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(Murray, Nebraska) FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Pinpoint Labs, a forensic software and litigation support firm, announced the release of the latest update to its Harvester product family.

Harvester Portable and Harvester Server continue to provide corporate IT managers, forensic computer examiners and litigation support professionals with defensible E-Discovery collection software tools using the following features and capabilities:

  • Keyword Search – Hit Viewer
  • DeNIST and Dedupe
  • ESI “easy” Vault – great for legal holds
  • Early Data Assessment (EDA) Reports
  • PST regeneration
  • Automated self-collection kits
  • Pre-configure collection job profiles
  • Run in “stealth”
  • Remotely launch and monitor E-Discovery collections

With the release of Harvester 4.1 Portable and Harvester 4.1 Server, users can choose to copy files to a Windows Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) container. This added functionality addresses the needs of clients who need the additional level of protection against accidental file timestamps and content changes.

By storing all copied data in a single file container users are able to copy a single larger file when performing case backups between locations. Copying single larger files is much quicker than copying a large number of individual smaller files. A single VHD file container can also be much quicker and more convenient when uploading collected evidence to cloud based E-Discovery processing and review platforms. VHD files can easily be compressed and encrypted to securely transport data.

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting E-Discovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed Harvester 4.1 to easily gather multiple files with minimal impact on client systems. When the client project is finished, all critical data is neatly organized and forensically sound, keeping the chain of custody intact. It is also one of the most affordable solutions available to collect and preserve E-Discovery data.

“The release of Harvester 4.1 Portable and Harvester 4.1 Server adds several user interface enhancements making it even easier to create collection jobs. Adding a VHD container option is the most significant enhancement and has answered our clients’ request for a single file container target, which is also very simple to set up. Copying data between locations is even easier and faster than before.” – Jon Rowe, President and Co-Founder of Pinpoint Labs

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs was founded by Jon Rowe and James Beasley, who are Computer Forensic Examiners. Their experience includes over thirty years of litigation support and more than two decades in software development.