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Explore, and collect eDiscovery from Google Drive, Google Team Drives, box, DropBox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and Amazon A3

This Pinpoint Cloud 1.5 release sneak peek outlines new product features 

Do you need to know cloud source file counts and sizes before a collection? Pinpoint Labs expanded Pinpoint Clouds collection functionality by adding the new data assessment and offline file list viewer. Visually navigating cloud accounts helps users accurately identify relevant custodian content. 


Our Cloud Reviewer utility provides users a free offline file list viewer, where they select relevant items used with Pinpoint Cloud’s Export Manager. Most importantly, file hashing and a chain of custody for all files help ensure defensibility for collected eDiscovery items.

Pinpoint Cloud runs from an external drive or host computer. As a result, it offers the ultimate convenience and portability. Deactivate the license and activate the license on a different system or drive when needed.

Furthermore, Pinpoint Cloud works on-premise with a predictable budget-friendly, flat-rate price model. Completing a defensible eDiscovery cloud collection has never been more accessible or more affordable. 

Using administrative accounts, with the appropriate credentials, users gain access to employee drives and folders. Do you need to collect eDiscovery from Google Team Drives? No problem! Once logged in, available drives are listed. Collecting eDiscovery from Amazon S3 storage buckets and folders is also seamless. 

Collecting from all popular cloud storage providers using a single application greatly simplifies project requirements. Pinpoint Labs continues expanding product functionality, and our latest Pinpoint Cloud update reduces collection review times and sizes through better data source insights.

For the past 13 years, Pinpoint Labs’ defensible collection and culling tools have assisted thousands of clients. Talk to us about our beta testing opportunities and discounts for early adopters. To learn more, contact us at sales@pinpointlabs.com.