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Each day, corporate IT managers, computer forensic examiners, and litigation support professionals are tasked with performing ESI collections for relevant files which reside in file shares, on client systems, and other popular data sources. The content may include Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, departmental data, individual custodian files, internet logs, telephone logs, or other critical corporate content.

Over 4 years ago, Pinpoint Labs released SafeCopy version 2.0 (SafeCopy 2) which alleviated several common problems encountered when using alternative copy utilities to collect client files. Here are a few of those problems that the SafeCopy 2 upgrade addressed:

  • DOS-based utilities can be difficult to customize and replicate across multiple users
  • Files located in paths with more than 255 characters are missed
  • Unicode file and folder names may create verification issues
  • Copied file contents are not hash verified (required to confirm that the entire contents were copied)
  • Incomplete copy logs do not support accurate recording and validation
  • Network outages halt file collections and can be difficult to resume

In September 2009, Pinpoint Labs released One Click Collect – Harvester (Portable/Server), which was a new product that included the proven SafeCopy 2 engine. The Pinpoint Harvester 2.0 ESI collection software includes:

  • Keyword cull loose files, PST emails, archives, and attachments
  • Dedupe, and Filter a Single or Multiple PSTs
  • Regenerate new PSTs, or export email to 8 different message formats
  • Separate email verification (chain of custody) and exclusion logs
  • Database tracking
  • Several targeted collection speed improvements
  • Known non-searchable file types included
  • Dedupe and DeNIST
  • Automated, Remote, and Portable Forensically sound collections
  • No Per Gig, Per Custodian, or Per Collection fees
  • Activate and Deactivate the license to move around for collections or in-house processing
Great for Legal Holds
Preserve Metadata and Time Stamps
Filter by Extension and Date Range
Select from multiple data sources
Compatible with all electronic and litigation platforms
100% File copy verification
Extensive chain of custody report
Process file lists
Resume easily
Supports path lengths greater than 255 characters
Transfer licenses quickly to another location
Create and deploy remote collections
Keyword Filter MS Outlook PSTs
Keyword Filter Loose Files
Keyword Filter Attachments
Keyword Filter Archives
Dedupe and Filter Multiple PSTs
Regenerate New PSTs
Export Emails to 8 Different Message Formats
Remove System Files Listed in NSRL (deNISTing)
Filter by Header Signature
Create Portable and Automated Collection Jobs
Preconfigured Work Orders
Can Be Used for In-House, Production-Level Culling (deNIST/dedupe)
Scriptable Profiles and Collection Jobs
Easily Save and Reuse Job Settings

Pinpoint Labs has a proven record of developing defensible, affordable ESI collection software. Many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and computer forensic professionals rely on SafeCopy 2 and One Click Collect – Harvester every day.