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CrossCopy will allow forensic investigators and legal IT professionals to utilize one cross-platform application for collecting data from all popular operating systems. 

Plattsmouth, NE—January 10th, 2023Pinpoint Labs, a leading forensic software and litigation support firm, announced today the release of CrossCopy as part of its comprehensive suite of eDiscovery solutions.  

Collecting eDiscovery data from Mac operating systems often provides a challenge for computer forensic investigators and legal IT professionals. With the integration of CrossCopy into a firm’s eDiscovery toolkit, the firm will require minimal technical expertise while leveraging one tool instead of multiple tools to run on macOS, Windows, and Linux systems. The investment into CrossCopy will help reduce costs and training time towards various forensic collection tools. 

Pinpoint CrossCopy macOS eDiscovery software

When collecting files for eDiscovery, tools should incorporate processes that preserve and verify collected data with minimal impact on client systems. These are necessary to create defensible and verifiable eDiscovery productions and evidence authentication. Additionally, CrossCopy includes: 

  • 100% file-by-file verification,
  • creates electronic reports for a chain of custody, 
  • documents any issues encountered, and
  • runs additional passes for missed files. 

When collecting from Mac computers across an organization, Harvester Server Enterprise from Pinpoint Labs also incorporates native macOS agents for stealth or custodian-assisted collections. Whether jobs are running directly from local or remote systems, the software provides real-time status updates.  

With access to file types, multiple date ranges, and system file filters, CrossCopy can quickly cull and identify relevant items across all collections. The ability to use the same license on different operating systems means legal IT and computer forensic professionals need fewer tools and less training.  

 In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting eDiscovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed CrossCopy to gather multiple files with minimal impact on client systems effortlessly. Upon project completion, all the critical data is meticulously organized and forensically sound. 

As Jon Rowe, President of Pinpoint Labs and a highly experienced computer forensic examiner, noted,

“Developing a cross-platform application that works well for custodian interviews as well as automated job collections complies with GDPR requirements. It also gives our clients confidence to assist with minimal training.”  Jon also stated, “The fact that the software works equally well for macOS, Windows, and Linux systems means fewer tools are required.

For more information on how Pinpoint Labs’ CrossCopy software tool can simplify eDiscovery collections, optimize efficiency and effectiveness, and decrease costs, visit the Pinpoint Labs website or request a meeting.

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs, the global enterprise software company, provides an industry-leading collection, processing, and review technology platform. Pinpoint enables developers to focus on what they do best: Build software that helps legal teams while providing peace of mind to management with powerful controls, tools, and reports. Pinpoint provides on-premises and cloud-based solutions that get forensic and eDiscovery professionals on the fastest and most efficient path to discovery.

Pinpoint was founded over 16 years ago by computer forensic examiners Jon Rowe and James Beasley. Their experience includes over thirty years of litigation support and over two decades in software development.

Please visit www.pinpointlabs.com to schedule a product demonstration or to request an evaluation license.