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Pinpoint Labs SharePoint Collector has been a trusted tool for SharePoint eDiscovery projects among legal and forensic IT professionals for over a decade. Its versatility and ability to run as a portable application without installation, preserve file timestamps and metadata, and establish a chain of custody are just some of the reasons for its popularity. SharePoint Collector also collects data from 23 different SharePoint list item types, including contacts, tasks, wikis, and blogs. 

Pinpoint Labs SharePoint Collector, eDiscovery collection software

With the release of SharePoint Collector v6, the software has been upgraded with a new Microsoft Graph API engine, overcoming previous authentication, security, and data access challenges. This new version also features advanced Graph API search capabilities, as well as improved job scheduling and automation functionality, making it an even more powerful and efficient solution. 

SharePoint overview 

SharePoint is a popular collaboration platform used by many organizations to store and manage content, share information, and collaborate with others. While SharePoint offers a wealth of functionalities, accessing its data and services through traditional methods such as web services can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Microsoft Graph API overcomes these connection issues and why it’s a better solution for SharePoint site access. 

Why traditional methods have issues 

SharePoint data and services are typically accessed through web services, which can be difficult to manage and maintain. Web services are prone to connectivity issues, which can impact the performance and reliability of SharePoint applications. Additionally, web services often require significant investment in custom development and testing, which can be a significant burden for organizations. SharePoint eDiscovery, Pinpoint Labs SharePoint Collector

How Microsoft Graph API solves these problems 

Microsoft Graph API is a unified API endpoint for accessing data and services from various Microsoft services, including SharePoint. It offers a simplified and streamlined solution for accessing SharePoint data and services, reducing the complexity and effort required to manage web services. This means that organizations can access SharePoint data and services using a single API endpoint rather than managing multiple web services. 

Another advantage of Microsoft Graph API is that it offers improved performance and reliability compared to web services. The API is designed to be scalable and efficient, providing fast and reliable access to SharePoint data and services. Additionally, Microsoft Graph API offers built-in security features, such as authentication and authorization, to ensure that only authorized users can access SharePoint data and services. 

To sum up, Pinpoint SharePoint Collector with Microsoft Graph API offers a superior SharePoint eDiscovery solution for accessing and collecting SharePoint sites data compared to traditional methods. It can leverage web services for legacy on-prem SharePoint collections and automatically switch to the Microsoft Graph API connection for newer Office 365 sites and data. This results in improved performance, reliability, and built-in security features. If you require an efficient and secure solution for accessing and collecting SharePoint data, consider Pinpoint SharePoint Collector.