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 (Murray, Nebraska) JULY 19, 2016

Ridgeback provides e-Discovery and Information Security services to legal and non-legal clients throughout Hawaii.

Recently, the e-Discovery Special Master for the Circuit Courts asked Ridgeback to copy and filter highly- classified and confidential information of the eight custodians involved in a particular case. Eric used a popular, complex forensic data- collection tool, but found it to be bulky, difficult to configure and unreliable. As a result, Harvester Portable was purchased and utilized.

After the three-month project, Eric felt as ease do to the success with the difficult case.

“As the case progressed, the discovery goals periodically changed. As a result, I had to start and stop jobs, test many keyword searches, dedupe across multiple data sets and pull lots of new relevant documents. However, Harvester was there with me every step of the way, making the challenging situation manageable.” –Eric Fleckles, Owner of Ridgeback Venture Group 

Click here to preview the full case study, “With 50+ e-Discovery and Information Security Cases, Ridgeback Venture Group Adds Harvester to Essential Tool Arsenal.”

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs develops e-Discovery collection software- providing defensibility to Legal and Information Technology Professionals seeking to collect discoverable information from laptops, desktops, fil servers and SharePoint sites.

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