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(Murray, Nebraska) JULY 19, 2016

Triage Data Solutions provides leading-edge document and litigation support by providing a valuable resource to law firms, corporate counsel, corporations and
governmental departments.

For one particular situation, a client reached out to Triage Data to perform a network collection involving 2 terabytes of data. Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester performed according to expectations. Some filtering criteria entered into the e-Discovery tool included keyword searching, date range, and file type extension.

Because Triage Data provides defensible data collection and preservation services frequently, Triage Data continues to rely on tools similar to Harvester due to increased efficiency and effective use of client resources.

“Being able to see how many documents Harvester was finding while it was still searching proved to be helpful, because it showed the client how much they were saving in collection and review.”

Click here to preview the full case study, Triage Data Relies on Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester for Targeted Data Collection.

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs develops e-Discovery collection software- providing defensibility to Legal and Information Technology Professionals seeking to collect discoverable information from laptops, desktops, fil servers and SharePoint sites.

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