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(Murray, Nebraska) November 16, 2017

With the release of Surveyor 1.0 Portable and Server editions, Pinpoint Labs customers now have the ability to go directly from data collection to review. Surveyor allows Harvester and SafeCopy users to OCR image-only documents, apply document IDs and extract text and metadata from native files that is needed to load into 3rd party review platforms.

Surveyor Portable is unique in that it allows users to perform common e-Discovery processes at the point of collection from an external drive without requiring any software installation or internet access. Surveyor Server runs from a central network location and also runs on local systems without a separate software installation or internet access.

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting e-Discovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed Surveyor to address defensible processing, which is often overlooked in other applications. Surveyor tracks the source hash values for all data, creates a chain of custody for any newly created information and supports long file paths up to 32,000 characters.

Surveyor processes custodian files with minimal impact on client systems. When the client project is finished, all the critical data is neatly organized and forensically sound, keeping the chain of custody intact.

As Jon Rowe, President of Pinpoint Labs and a highly experienced computer forensic examiner noted,

“Our Surveyor clients find that they can have their local and cloud based e-Discovery collected content ready to review in less time and with minimal training.  Pinpoint Labs clients have asked to be able to have a load file created for Harvester and SafeCopy collected data so it could be in a reviewable format without going to a 3rd party e-Discovery processing application. I’m proud of our engineers for developing such a simple and innovative tool.”

Pinpoint Labs developed Surveyor to provide a seamless transition from e-Discovery collections to reviewable datasets.  Surveyor can be launched automatically after Harvester completes a job on premise or later as needed.

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs develops e-Discovery collection software- providing defensibility to Legal and Information Technology Professionals seeking to collect discoverable information from laptops, desktops, file servers and SharePoint sites.

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