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Saving clients money on electronic discovery processing is one of the challenges facing attorneys, service bureaus and their clients. Due to the amount of data collected when imaging custodian hard drives the resulting processing and labor costs can be significant and potentially prohibitive.

Reduction of 30%+ Through DeNISTing
Many firms have discovered that deNISTing is a relatively easy way to reduce the overall EED processing costs for imaged custodian drives by an average of 30%. How do they accomplish this reduction without missing potential evidence? By removing ‘known’ files for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other systems the overall production is substantial reduced.

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) NSRL list contains more than 115 million known files and by using this list to filter custodian hard drives files, prior to EED processing, a significant reduction can be realized.

What Brought on DeNISTing’s Recent Popularity?
‘DeNISTing‘ has become a requested service in just the last few years. Until recently there haven’t been tools available to handle the processing without significantly increasing the turnaround time and investing in expensive computer forensic software.

Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester Software Makes deNISTing a Reality
Harvester from Pinpoint Labs is an affordable and easy to use application which leverages the more than 115 million known hash values in the NIST list to filter custodian data and dramatically reduce the costs and processing time associated with imaged hard drives. Harvester can also dedupe while creating a chain of custody and safely copy filtered files while deNISTing. By performing these multiple processes simultaneously,  Pinpoint Harvester reduces electronic discovery processing costs and labor.