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SharePoint E-Discovery Collection – Case Study

You may have already discovered that completing an E-Discovery SharePoint collection can be a daunting task. Many IT professionals who come to us have limited experience working with SharePoint and no easy way to learn before going on-site for a collection. Here are just a few of the many questions...

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LegalTech New York 2013

It’s hard to believe that LegalTech New York is upon us again. Pinpoint Labs will have representatives in New York next week, 28th – 31st , and we wanted to invite you to attend one of our sessions at the Sheraton Hotel if you will be in town. Here is...

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Microsoft SharePoint Forensic and E-Discovery Collections

SHAREPOINT FORENSIC AND E-DISCOVERY COLLECTIONS Microsoft SharePoint forensic and E-Discovery collections have become a growing concern for legal IT professionals and their clients. An extensive amount of potentially relevant discoverable content stored in SharePoint sites can be a minefield of technical challenges. A quick Google search can point to some...

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