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It’s important to understand that deleted email is not recovered or indexed using common litigation support or electronic discovery software. These applications only process email that is still visible within the email software.

Some email recovery software can also fall short when restoring deleted email records. Why is that? Because they are designed to undelete email records that still have an entry in the mail store index. Unfortunately, many mail stores will remove those entries once the database is compressed. So many people believe that email cannot be recovered once the mail stores database has been compressed. However, this isn’t always the case.

Deleted email content may still be intact and recoverable. By using software tools designed to ‘carve’ email data, it is still possible to recover the original content. Using the following steps, email can often be recovered even after typical recovery tools fail.

1) Use Winhex, EnCase or other file recovery tools that can recover email fragments
2) Import recovered files (MBOX) through Aid4Mail into Paraben’s Email Examiner
3) Export email and attachments to msg, pst and other formats

Using the same approach to recover email as deleted files can often provide better results than doing a recovery on the individual mail store. As mentioned above, when performing recovery on Mozilla Thunderbird mail stores and others, many programs only recover what is still listed in the index files. If these files are missing, corrupted, or no longer contain the email record, you can try Zmeil from Zero Assumption Recovery
(https://www.z-a-recovery.com/zmeil-email-recovery.htm). Zmeil doesn’t rely on the mail store index; it parses the data files and is a great tool to use for additional verification of recovered email data. Zmeil works great as an inexpensive standalone email recovery tool.

Email communication is often a critical piece of the electronic discovery puzzle. Deleted email doesn’t get fully processed with common electronic discovery software. If you believe you may miss critical evidence because a custodian deleted important emails. then a specialized recovery process should be performed by someone with the appropriate training and knowledge of the process.