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SharePoint E-Discovery Collection – Case Study

You may have already discovered that completing an E-Discovery SharePoint collection can be a daunting task. Many IT professionals who come to us have limited experience working with SharePoint and no easy way to learn before going on-site for a collection. Here are just a few of the many questions...

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Recovering deleted files (3 of 3)

To recover deleted files, user activity logs, Internet history, and other potentially relevant custodian information, a ‘physical’ copy or forensic image of the hard drive or other media is required. Creating a physical copy or forensic image preserves the entire contents of the media, and makes it possible to recover...

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Recovering deleted files (2 of 3)

It often comes as a shock to attorneys and their staff when they hear that electronic discovery processing doesn’t automatically search the entire contents of a custodian’s hard drive. So, it’s worth stating again for emphasis here. Common electronic discovery applications used by service providers and law firms aren’t designed...

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Recovering deleted files (1 of 3)

In my last post, I pointed out that in the case of the BTK killer in Kansas, investigators recovered a deleted Microsoft Office document that contained evidence crucial to the case. There are still many litigation support professionals who don’t thoroughly understand what happens to files and user activity logs...

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