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SharePoint E-Discovery Collection – Case Study

You may have already discovered that completing an E-Discovery SharePoint collection can be a daunting task. Many IT professionals who come to us have limited experience working with SharePoint and no easy way to learn before going on-site for a collection. Here are just a few of the many questions...

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Microsoft SharePoint Forensic and E-Discovery Collections

SHAREPOINT FORENSIC AND E-DISCOVERY COLLECTIONS Microsoft SharePoint forensic and E-Discovery collections have become a growing concern for legal IT professionals and their clients. An extensive amount of potentially relevant discoverable content stored in SharePoint sites can be a minefield of technical challenges. A quick Google search can point to some...

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Mac Target Disk Mode

Booting an Apple Macintosh in target disk mode allows computer forensic examiners to copy relevant files from the internal drive on a Mac computer. Removing hard drives instead from a Mac computer can be time consuming and result in damage to the system when not performed properly. Therefore, target disk...

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E-Discovery Collection

E-Discovery Collections also known as Electronic Evidence Discovery (EED) or Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) can include a review of all the data stored on employee desktop or laptop computers, company servers, camera cards, cell phones, smart phones, GPS devices, digital video recorders, digital answering systems, thumb drives, RAID arrays and...

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Email Collection

Email Collection refers to the identification and isolation of electronic mail (email) messages that pertain to a specific legal matter in civil litigation cases. What gets collected What is actually being collected during email collections can be one of two things: 1. Files representing the contents of the transmitted email...

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What is PST Regeneration?

PST Regeneration is used during electronic discovery processing or even during an ESI collection.  A Personal Folder File (PST) is a container file created by Microsoft Outlook which stores email messages and other data (i.e. contacts, calendar entries, tasks, to do list etc.) How it’s done Regenerating PSTs refers to...

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