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St. Luke’s Healthcare System continues to be a leader in advanced technology and sustains a credible repertoire by maintaining values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. (ICARE)

For one particular project, Robin, St. Luke’s IT Cyber Security Analyst, needed to collect email files for 18 custodians. By utilizing Pinpoint Labs’ Harvester and its’ state-of-the-art filtering tools, the data set was reduced by 97% with only 5.23 gigabytes of data remaining, significantly saving the client a great deal of resources as a result.

This case study describes how Robin obtained Harvester, how it was utilized and the extreme benefits St. Luke’s received as a result.

Click here to preview the full case study, “Harvester: An Essential eDiscovery Collection Tool for Idaho’s Largest Healthcare System”

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs develops eDiscovery collection software, which provides defensibility for Legal and IT professionals when they are asked to collect discoverable information from laptops, desktops, file servers or SharePoint sites.

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